Scent Marketing: Using Smells to Increase Sales

As the landscape of the retail world grows ever more diverse and competitive, focus on marketing continues to swell. Specialists in the field preach the power of search engine optimization, branding, product promotion, incentive programs, and a wide range of other components in successfully climbing over competitors to reach the top. While all these aren’t likely to lose credence anytime soon, one particularly effective element has been widely overlooked.

Scents Make Good Marketing Sense

Smells have a way of casting spells on people, and this is a detail aromatech takes to heart. Though some say this is nothing more than a myth, science has proven otherwise. In fact, some studies indicate customers exposed to a specific smell spend an average of 20 percent more than those who aren’t. Of course, just how effective scent marketing is depends on the aroma being used.

Calming Couture

Certain scents are known to have a calming effect on customers. Lavender, jasmine, and lemon fall into this category as well as a number of other aromas. If you want to put customers’ minds at ease and have them peruse inventory without guilt, or keep up with just how long they’ve been browsing, these may be the optimal choices.


Abounding Alertness

Calm isn’t always the best way to go. In some cases, awakening customers’ senses and making them more aware of their surroundings boost sales more effectively. For an impact like this, rosemary, orange, cinnamon, and green tea are among the top crowd-pleasers. They invigorate the mind and encourage alertness, making for a helpful tool in the marketing game.

Seasonal Sensations

Certain essences invoke spending enthusiasm simply because they’re associated with happy memories and evoke nostalgia. Peppermint and pumpkin spice are a couple of the most recognizable in this arena. They silently scream the joys of the season to the subconscious minds of wandering consumers, magically transforming them into paying customers.

Which scents make the most sense for your marketing efforts depends largely on your buyer persona and brand as a whole. Visit aromatech for ideas on how to distribute those aromas throughout your store, and witness the power of smell in action.

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